Sunday, 31 May 2009

How to be awesome.

Along with exams and the usual uni frivolities my life has revolved around a little something called FACE Festival, and thanks to some awesome people, it will no longer be a "little something..."

The concept was to enhance the diverse nature of the university through workshops and demonstrations with the flourish (cheesy I know) being the live music in the late afternoon/ evenings. After a some hiccups during the first couple of days, Thursday and Friday really brought home what FACE was about. 

Well done to Malcolm and Lizzie for having the concept and driving it forward, massive shout out to Dwain and Brown for being so awesome and finally I salute Sandy, Tom and Toby for coming in at such short notice and helping us out a great deal, could not of done it without you guys!

Wow, sentimental I know, but it needed to be said. 

Watch out for more FACE loving next year!